Student Activity Fees Commission


2017 Meetings

September 22 - room 261

October 13 - room 261

October 27 - room 266

November 17 - room 262

January 19 - room 261

February 9 - room 140A

February 23 - room 262

March 16 - room 261

April 6 - room 261 (budget hearings)

April 13 - room 140A

April 20 - room 261

April 27 - room 140A

All meetings begin at 3:30 and are held in the location listed in the Student Union. 

How to Access Your Organization's Funding

At least one officer from an organization that receives funding from SAFC must sign an ackknowledgement form before the funds can be accessed. 
Please see the SAFC Business Manager in room 212V in the SGOC to receive this information. 

Mission Statement

The Student Activity Fees Commission is empowered by the Chancellor to allocate the student activity fees to the four divisions of the Student Association. They also conduct audits and supervise the use of funding to ensure it is used for the best interest of the students.