Appeal Process

Student organizations may appeal the funding decisions handed down by the SGA Ways and Means Committee and the Graduate and Professional Student Government. Appeals are only allowed based on a violation of viewpoint nuetrality and/or a violaition of due process. Any appeal outside of the two violations listed above will not be accepted. Appeals cannot be accepted if denied based on not following published deadlines. 

The Appeal Form must be completed and emailed along with any additional documentation to the SAFC Chair within five business days of being notified of the decision from the SGA or GPSG. 

Please contact the SAFC Business Manager, Casey Hurst, with any questions about the process. 

Appeal Process Guidelines:

  1. Operational, event and travel grants awards may be appealed. 
  2. SAFC will hear appeals based solely on allegations of violations of due process and/or viewpoint neutrality. Appeals will not be accepted due to the lack pf preparedness of the student organization i.e. failure to adhere to published due dates for grant acceptance. Any appeal not meeting the criteria above will not be considered. 
  3. Appeals must be submiteed by email to the Student Activity Fees Commission Chair,, no later than 12:00 PM by the 5th business day after notification of the decision of SGA Ways and Means Committee or the GPSG Finance Committee. 
  4. Appeals must meet the following criteria:
    1. Completed Student Organization Appeal Form.
    2. Provide a full explanation of the reason(s) for the appeal, including how the organization alleges, the award violates due proceess and/or viewpoint neutrality, 
    3. Include details written on or as an attachment. 
  5. The SAFC Chair will contact the student organization's primary student representative, listed on the appeal form, via email within two business days of appeal acknowledging receipt and whether there will be a hearing on the appeal.
    1. If the appeal is considered, a hearing date will be set and listed in the email notice. 
    2. If the appeal is not considered because it does not meet the criteria, the decision is final and no additional avenues of appeal may be pursued. 
  6. The SAFC Business Manager will make all necessary arrangements for the hearing. 
  7. The SAFC Chair will preside over all appeal hearings.
    1. The Appeal Commitee will review the submitted appeal form and any evidence attached to the form. 
    2. The Appeal Committee will review the submitted grant request applciation and any supporting materials/documents submitted with the application. 
    3. The Appeal Committee will review the recording of the SGA Ways and Means Committee or GPSG Finance Committee funding hearing. 
    4. The Appeal Committee will allow memebers of the appealing student organization to attend the hearing to answer any questions the committee may have, but not to provide any additional evidence or information that was not included on the appeal form already submitted. 
    5. After all evidence and testimony has been presented, the Appeal Committee will then dismiss any members of the appeal student organization from the hearing. 
    6. Based on the evidence presented in the appeal, the Appeal Committee will deliberate and formulate a written decision. 
  8. The Appeal Commitee will notifiy the student organization via email of their decision no later than the 5th business day of the appeal committee hearing. 
  9. The decision determined by the Appeal Committee is final and no additional avenues of appeal may be pursued.