Program Resource Supply Checkout Program

Beginning this academic year, SAFC has implemented a checkout system for all areas funded by student activity fees. These items available are for events sponsored by registered student organziations. 

A few important points regarding the policy:

  1. See the SAFC Business Manager to reserve an item
  2. The item must be for a publicized event on campus (bring a flyer)
  3. The person checking out the item is fully responsible for getting it back in the condition it was checked out in and by the date specified on the checkout form. A fine will be imposed if failure to do so.



    1. 1.1.  Various items are available for checkout at the Student Union Information Center for use by the Student Association* as defined below.

    2. 1.2.  This policy defines the standards and processes necessary to operate this service as a resource for organizations under the Student Association at UNC Charlotte.

    3. 1.3.  The Merchandise Checkout Policy can be revised at any time to suit the needs of UNC Charlotte, the Student Union and the Student Association.


    1. 2.1.  Only currently enrolled officers of CAB, Student Media, GPSG, SGA, graduate and undergraduate registered student organizations are allowed to checkout available merchandise. Non-students, advisors, or alumni are not allowed to checkout merchandise.

    2. 2.2.  A valid UNC Charlotte student ID is required and will be recorded at the initial reservation with the SAFC Business Manager.

    3. 2.3.  The organization officer must show a description for the event in which they would like to check out items for. This description can either be a flyer for the event or the listing on the Campus Events website.


    1. 3.1.  Each checkout will require that the borrower complete and sign the Program Resource Supply Checkout Form available with the SAFC Business Manager.

    2. 3.2.  Items must be returned the by the date specified on the checkout form.

    3. 3.3.  All items must be returned to the Information Center in person. Items will be examined upon return.


    1. 4.1.  The borrower agrees to accept financial responsibility for any lost or damaged items.

    2. 4.2.  Items must not be left unattended for any reason.

    3. 4.3.  Items may not be shared or loaned to anyone else. Only the borrower will be held responsible

      for the condition of the item and any accessories.

    4. 4.4.  The Student Activity Fees Commission is not responsible for any damage done to the borrower’s personal equipment nor loss of any data that may occur.

    5. 4.5.  Merchandise is available on a first come, first served basis.


    1. 5.1.  No additional checkouts can be made until current reservation is complete.

    2. 5.2.  Fines will be charged to the borrower’s student account if the item is turned in after the specified due date or if the item is lost, stolen, or damaged upon return.

    3. 5.2.1. Fines will be imposed according to the value of the item checked out.

    4. Items valued $1-$50 will be fined $5 per day.

    5.  Items valued $51-$250 will be fined $10 per day.

    6.  Items valued over $251 will be fined $25 per day.

    7. 5.2.2. The fine for any item that is lost, stolen, or damaged will be the actual replacement or repair cost of the item.

*The Student Association includes student activity fee funded organizations under the Campus Activities Board, Student Niner Media, Student Government Association, Student Organizations, and the Graduate & Professional Student Government.  

Items Available for Checkout


  • Xbox 360 – 2

Each unit includes one controller, kinect sensor, power cord, instructions and AV and HDMI cables.

  • Xbox wireless controllers – 2
  • Playstation 3 – 2

Each unit includes one controller, power cord, instructions and AV, USB and HDMI cables.

  • Playstation 3 wireless controllers – 2
  • Nintendo Wii – 2

Each unit contains one controller, one nunchuck, sensor bar, AV cable, instructions and power cord.

  • Nintendo Wii controllers – 2
  • Nintendo Wii nunchucks – 2
  • Canon Powershot digital camera – 1

Includes wrist strap, battery charger, battery pack, cable, instructions and cd-rom.

  • Epson photo printer – 1

Includes power cord, USB cable, photo paper, detachable paper tray, remote control, and instructions.

  • Walkie Talkies – 2 sets


  • 3 ½ inch vases – 24
  • 7 ½ inch vases – 24
  • Green accent gems – 24
  • Clear accent gems – 24
  • Mirrored plates – 36
  • Flameless candles – 16 tea lights, 5 sets of three various sizes


  • Cooler – 2
  • Folding Tent – 2
  • Basketball – 2
  • Football – 2
  • Soccer ball – 2


  • Jenga – 1
  • Dominoes – 1
  • Scrabble – 1
  • Monopoly – 1
  • Playing card set – 2
  • Uno card set – 2
  • Bingo set – 1
  • Cornhole set – 2
  • Ladderball set – 1
  • Gran Tourismo 5 (PS3) – 2
  • Infamous 2 (PS3) – 2
  • Kinect Adventures (XBOX 360) – 2
  • Wii Sports – 2
  • Wii Resort – 2


  • Griddle
  • Cash box – 3
  • Office supply kits – 3

Each kit includes stapler, tape dispenser, clear tape, pens, pencils, scissors, legal pads, clipboard, write-on name tags.